Paper Review & Awards

Paper Review:
Paper submissions will be reviewed by experts selected by the technical program committee (TPC) for their demonstrated knowledge of particular topics. The technical program chairs/co-chairs shall partition the submissions among the TPC members for an average of around 8 papers per TPC member. Each TPC member shall be responsible for collection reviews from at least 2 reviewers per paper. Two consistent reviews will be sufficient for a paper. The reviewers in previous VCIP conferences that have contributed high quality reviews will be selected to serve as VCIP 2018 additional reviewers. The authors will be notified of the review results by e-mail or they can view the progress and results of the review process from their account through the paper submission site.

Paper Awards:
VCIP 2017 will continue the tradition and present the “Best Paper Award” and “Best Student Paper Award,” which are high quality accepted papers selected from both oral and poster sessions based on a combination of the reviewers’ scores as well as rating of the presentation at the conference given by a panel of judges. The awards include a certificate and recognition on the official VCIP website.