Background & Motivation

2017 would be an exciting time for visual signal compression and communication research. The advances in the next generation codec work in MPEG/ITU VCEG, the new point cloud capture and free viewpoint playback, shall be in time to bring out some very interesting results. Moreover, the increasingly popular Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality (VR/AR) services and applications, e.g, Samsung Gear VR, and Youtube JUMP, will put new demand on related technology development. New coding tools for stereo and panoramic video compression, as well as new system solutions for VR and AR description and presentation, will become available. All these are helped by the ever more powerful computing solutions, and novel computing infrastructures that need to be fully exploited. On the image processing front, new tools like deep neural networks, are finding new applications in image post capture enhancement such as de-blurring and super-resolution. How to have a better online acceleration framework to support deep learning in image enhancement, would also be of great interests to the industry and academia. We believe that by 2017, most if not all, of solutions to the aforementioned interesting problems shall be ready.

The scope of VCIP 2017, is to bring together researchers, engineers, and professionals from both academia,
industry and government, to show case the new technology frontier, new use cases, in the visual signal processing and communication area, to discuss and envision the future of both technology and applications. The main theme for VCIP 2017 would be the New Media: Technology and Applications. We will look at the great advances that visual communication and image processing technologies brought us in the last decades, and examine the new capabilities from new visual sensors, new computing paradigm, new algorithms and discussing what are the new possibilities these tools can bring, and what is the new horizon of New Media would be in the next 5 to 10 years.

St. Petersburg, Florida is our proposed venue for VCIP 2017. Florida is one of the fast growing states in USA with a vibrant technology sector and many active research universities within driving distance to the conference venue. University of Florida, University of Central Florida, University of South Florida, and Florida Tech, are all having active research groups in the visual signal processing and communication area. The local technology industry is heavily represented by the defense and space sector. NASA and Lockheed Martin have many branches in this area, with a large professional pool working in the conference theme areas. Moreover, entertainment industry, especially those in the visual art business such as Disney and Universal Studio, also heavily present in the vicinity.  This shall help attract paper contributions and participation in the VCIP 2017.

The west Florida is served by many major airlines via the Tampa International Airport, it has non-stop flight to Zurich, Toronto, Montreal, and London, and direct flights to many major cities in the world. The weather in 
mid December is pleasant in St. Petersburg, Florida. This would be very appealing for participants from the northern countries to have a break from the winter.